uwMeeting is the best audio-video solution for distance learning for musicians and singers (see comparative table).
It was designed by a former musician for musicians and therefore has the best features to be able to organize and carry out the lessons in the best possible conditions.

Audio quality

Frequency response of 0-20kHz, sampling rate of 48kHz*, low latency time and no loss of synchronization with video.
Audio filters such as audio compressor and auto volume are disabled**.
This means you can hear timbres and dynamics properly and the decay of sounds without abrupt interruptions.
* with a bitrate of 512Kbps
** The echo filter can also be deactivated when using headphones

Internet Connection

The manual management of the video quality allows you to save data traffic and consequently to transmit the audio always with the best possible quality.
uwMeeting allows you to choose 3 possible video resolutions (from 480x320px, 720x480 and 1280x720px) and 4 video frequencies (from 1, 7, 15, 30 fps).
The minimum connection required to use uwMeeting is 5 Mbit/s download and 1 Mbit/s upload.
To get the best video results it would be necessary to have a connection with 15 Mbit/s download and 3 Mbit/s upload.

Ease of use

No application to install because uwMeeting is a web-application.
No control panel to search for changes, because uwMeeting is set from the beginning to be able to listen in the best possible quality.
If the conditions allow it is possible to modify some parameters to further improve some services.
You need to make sure you have one of these browsers on your device: Chrome, Edge or Opera.

Individual and group lessons

With uwMeeting you can organize individual lessons and collective lessons (masterclass mode)
During the collective lessons students can participate actively or can alternate continuing to follow the course.


A complete system for organizing and coordinating online classes.
Management of faculty, student body and organization of courses/classes by matching faculty and students quickly and easily.
Access to the lessons by administrators (optional), in order to give assistance and monitor the progress of the lessons.
Verification of the amount of hours assigned to each class and verification of the time spent together (optional) by the teacher and his student, the inspector.
Data export in excel format.
Accurate and personalized management of the permissions and privileges of each class.

Pre-paid packages & licenses

In relation to the number of hours of monthly lessons that a private teacher or an institution must have, we present 2 ways to use the services of uwMeeting and 2 ways of payment and costs.
For private teachers and institutions with a low number of hours of lessons is indicated the subscription of services through the purchase of pre-paid packages, which also provide access to the most advanced version of the management software and without additional costs of updating.
For institutions that have a significant number of monthly hours of classes to be taught, the purchase of licenses is indicated, which, for a one-time cost to install and start up the services, will achieve an 80% reduction in management costs.

audio quality

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