for music schools

  • Offering students and teachers the ability to continue classes during closed periods (such as during the lockdown for COVID 19) ensuring that lessons run smoothly.
  • Offering students and teachers the added value of video recording and its online archive. 
  • Video recording of the lessons also guarantees professionalism of the services rendered while protecting the teacher as well as the student.
  • Tracking the Start and End times of lessons.
  • Electronic registry and class management, teachers body, student body, listeners, total hours.
  • Guaranteeing the user’s privacy: no data used in the platform will be used for newsletters or sending unrequested emails.  
  • Option to have a dedicated URL, and graphics similar to the school's official website.
  • Possibility for the School to insert sponsors logos or banners.
  • Students and auditors do not need to register because they can also receive invitations by email or WhatsApp.
  • Organize master classes with listeners as well.

They use uwMeeting

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