uwMeeting in addition to the virtual classroom provides a management system in order to administer users and lessons by providing several useful tools for proper use of the organizational and educational flow.

Courses and Classes

For each course/class it is possible to manage its label, the assigned teacher, the number of hours set and the associated students.
For each course/class, the administration can enable certain functions to establish that:
- the teacher is allowed to set up lessons independently
- the teacher may set up collective lessons
- the teacher is authorized to record the lessons
- the course includes the presence of listeners

Guest listeners

List of users authorized to access lessons in a completely passive manner, i.e. without being able to interact with the teacher and the students involved in the lesson.


Management of all users authorized to access the management system.
Each administrator can directly manage teachers, students, courses and lessons.

Teaching staff

List of teachers - only firstname, lastname and email address are required and stored.
The only action required in order to complete their registration is to choose the password with which they wish to access the platform.
The first time they access the platform, each teacher must indicate the language in which they wish to use the interface and the time zone in which they are located

Student body

List of students - only firstname, lastname and email address are required and stored.
Managing data processing authorizations related to their registration on uwMeeting is the responsibility of the institution.
Access to lectures can also take place without the students completing their registration, but only through an invitation sent for each single lecture set up.


In addition to monitoring the progress of each lesson with the general timetable, administrators can check which teachers and students are engaged in theirlessons in real time and can access those lessons to check their audio and video performance. If necessary, they can also give assistance.
Teachers and students are notified if the administrators are in the classroom.


At the end of each lesson, thanks to the Inspector function, which can be deactivated, the administration has the possibility of knowing
- how many minutes teacher and student(s) spent in the classroom at the same time
- When they entered and left the classroom.

Data export

Administrators can export some data to Excel format, for example:
- separate lists of teachers, students, listeners (firstname, lastname, email)
- separate lists of classes and their composition
- lists of lessons in general and separate files for individual classes

Preferences and permits

Administrators can define in general and/or for individual courses/classes any privileges and permissions to be assigned, such as:
- extra time, i.e. how many minutes in addition to the defined duration of a lesson a teacher may use
- whether there are options for recording lessons and if so in which formats
- which classes are allowed to organize collective lessons
- which classes are allowed to host listeners
- in which classes are teachers allowed to set up new lessons independently

They use uwMeeting

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