uwMeeting allows students to be heard in better audio quality and thus gain greater satisfaction from the study they do to prepare.
In addition, the opportunity to be able to listen to each other again and hear the observations received reinforces and increases the effectiveness of the remote lessons.

Using the platform

The access to uwMeeting of the students is not tied to their registration, but they can be invited to individual classes by receiving an email with a link.
The only student data that are processed by uwMeeting are: name, surname and email address.
Their eventual registration (which would consist only in saving their access password) would allow them to access their previous lessons and review their videos.
It is highly recommended to use an external microphone, which can cost from €25.

Individual and group lessons

In addition to individual lessons, students can be invited to participate in group lessons.
In this case they can be part of a group of which the teacher can see a maximum of 8 on screen, but they can alternate between them during the lesson.
I can also activate a "stand by" status, thanks to which they can continue to attend the lesson and access the text chat, but without having audio and video active.

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