Virtual Classrooms

Individual lessons

The audio quality and the ease of use are the main features of uwMeeting virtual classrooms.
Just a few buttons to do all the available actions to get the best possible experience, even when you don't have a good connection.
Full screen, split screen, vu-meter, microphone mute, web-cam change, text chat, countdown, check in progress. These are some of the features available in the classroom.
Classroom that students can access even without registering.

Group lessons

In collective lessons it is possible to display a maximum of 20 students on the monitor (active students), who can be invited to suspend their video signal without interrupting their presence in the lesson (passive students); they continue to follow the progress of the lesson without disturbing or distracting with their presence on the monitor.
In this way it is possible to focus attention on a single student, inviting the rest to "come back" when it is their turn or at the end of a lesson for a collective discussion on what has been heard.
The collective lesson is also useful to have an assistant or a translator available during the lesson.
The maximum number of users who can be present in a lecture is 100 ( teacher, active students, passive students, listeners, administrators and assistance).

Text Chat

This utility lets you share text or links to web pages that are opened in new windows.

Video Mode

During an individual lesson you can activate the split view that allows you to divide the screen into 2 equal parts, where your own preview and the other user's video is shown; this is useful for example for pianists, singers or wind instrumentalists to have a three-quarter view.

Online support

During the course of the lessons it is possible to receive assistance directly in the virtual classroom.
The secretaries can enter the classrooms to give basic instructions on how the classroom works.
If there are persistent problems or conditions for which you can not use the classroom, you can ask for assistance to the staff of uwMeeting, which, after authorization to access, can enter the classroom and check with participants what solutions to try.

9 languages

uwMeeting, both the users and the administrators interface, is localized in 9 languages:
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.


Optionally you can replace the logo of uwMeeting with your own in svg format.
With the purchase of licenses you can get the customization of the main pages with the logo and corporate colors of the customer. 

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