Private Teachers

The service is based on the purchase of credits so that individual or group lessons can be arranged and recorded.
The management system is always updated to the latest version available and any improvements or updates do not incur in extra costs.
Students attending classes do not have to pay anything and do not have to register.
Costs are always paid by the teacher.

The corresponding number of hours that can be purchased with the respective credit is shown in parentheses.

individual classroom* group classroom**
50 individual classroom
2,50€ (20:00)
group classroom*
1,25€ (40:00)
100 individual classroom
2,25€ (44:26)
group classroom*
1,13€ (88:53)
200 individual classroom
2,00€ (100:00)
group classroom*
1,00€ (200:00)
500 individual classroom
1,88€ (266:40)
group classroom*
0,94€ (533:20)
*hourly cost one teacher + one student
**hourly cost for each participant

The registration fee of €49 includes credits equivalent to 10 hours of individual lesson.


One hour of assistance is provided for learning how to use the platform and for checking for any problems during class

Video Recording

The hourly cost for video recording of lessons is 
2,00 € for the recording in SD (640x480)
2,50 € for the recording in HD (1280x720)
3.75 € for recording in full HD (1920x1080)


The hours used are billed by the minute, from the beginning to the end of each lesson.
The cost of each lesson is calculated based on the number of minutes each participant spends in the virtual classroom.
For each purchased credit, the rate vaild at the date of purchase remains valid, without any changes, until that credit is used up. 
Pre-paid credit packages do not expire and keeps the same rates valid at the date of purchase.  

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