private teaching

Each teacher can organize their own individual or collective lessons with a few actions.
Collective lessons can be structured as real masterclasses, during which students take turns, being able to follow lessons of their classmates as well.
The electronic register is useful to organize one's own students in different classes, to keep track of the progress of the lessons and the number of hours dedicated to each student.

Digital register

The management of uwMeeting allows the organization and coordination of classes, teachers, students and the preparation of lessons.
The main features are:

Calendar of lessons

For each lesson, in addition to the date and time of the lesson, the duration of the lesson, whether a video will be recorded, who and how many students will participate.
Once the lesson has been entered, it will be possible to save the event on one's own calendar (Goggle or Apple Calendar for example) and get a warning before it starts.
Students are not obliged to be registered (it's optional), but they can receive links to the lessons via email with other chat programs (e.g. WhatsApp).

Virtual box*

Organization of shared documents with which the teacher can set up lessons.
For each lesson it is possible to attach downloadable documents (.doc and .pdf), videos on YouTube and Vimeo, audio files (.mp3) that can be listened to with a special player.
Moreover, to avoid having to upload the same document several times, the teacher has his own archive where he can organize the most commonly used material.
*function active within the first quarter of 2023

Lesson recording

Each lesson can be recorded, thus representing an added value that the teacher can propose to his students, giving them the opportunity to listen to each other and hear again the observations received, increasing the propaedeutic value of the lesson at a distance.

They use uwMeeting

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