Conservatories, Academies or Music Schools can now provide their teaching services with a tool that provides good audio quality even when you don't have optimal internet connections.
Simplicity of management, ease of use and the best audio quality now possible.
The first 10 contracts for full licenses will get a 40% discount.
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Here are some of the useful features for those who teach music or singing.

Digital register

The management of uwMeeting allows the organization and coordination of classes, teachers, students and the preparation of lessons.
The main features are:

Calendar of lessons

The calendar of lessons can also be set up by the teachers independently, but only if authorized by the secretaries.
For each lesson, in addition to the date and time of the lesson, the duration of the lesson, whether a video will be recorded, who and how many students will participate.
Once the lesson has been entered, it will be possible to save the event on one's own calendar (Goggle or Apple Calendar for example) and get a warning before it starts.
Students are not obliged to be registered (it's optional), but they can receive links to the lessons via email with other chat programs (e.g. WhatsApp).

Total hours

For each course or class it is possible to indicate the number of hours of lessons assigned and to be carried out.
The counter is updated at the end of each regularly held lesson.
The time that is deducted is the expected duration of the lesson and not its actual duration.


The inspector is an optional feature that allows you to monitor and verify
- How many minutes the teacher and student(s) spent together.
- when each of them entered the classroom for the first time
- when each of them left the classroom.
This can also be useful in assessing one of the qualities of the lessons.

They use uwMeeting

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