When we have poor quality connections it is possible to achieve excellent results thanks to the possibility of being able to change the resolution of your video and the number of frames per second.

Video Resolutions

uwMeeting allows you to choose 4 possible video resolutions (from 480x320px, 720x480,  1280x720px and 1920x1080px Full HD) and 4 video frequencies (from 1, 7, 15, 30 fps).
The manual video quality management saves data traffic and consequently transmits the audio always with the best possible quality.
The required connection speed can vary in upload from a minimum of 0.2Mb/s to a maximum of 3.6Mb/s.

Video Sources

Up to 9 web cams or video sources can be managed via the computer's numeric keypad.


There are 3 formats in which you can save your lessons: SD 720x480px, HD 1280x720px, 1920x1080px in MP4 files encoded with AAC at 128kbps with mono audio.


Saved videos remain available for 3 months, after which they are deleted to protect your privacy.

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