23 November 2021

New video tutorials for the virtual classroom

An excerpt from the new video tutorial for the virtual classroom v.1.0.6
In English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

22 November 2021

New video tutorials for the control panel

An excerpt from the new video tutorial for the control panel v1.0.6
In English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

19 November 2021

Update 1.0.6

With this update, students and auditors who receive an invitation to participate in a lesson, in addition to finding the link to access the classroom, will also find the link to automatically add directly to their calendar (Google Calendar, MacOs/iOs Calendar etc.) the date, time and information about the lesson.

12 November 2021

Update 1.0.5

Update procedures for exporting in excel format of:
- lessons calendar list
- teachers list
- students list
- list of listeners

9 November 2021

New "who recording?" function

This update allows administrators to determine for each course/class, whether the start/stop of video recording of lessons will be handled by the teacher or by the administrators themselves.
This will allow you to record lessons even in those situations where teachers are not comfortable with these tasks, or when you do not want to give them this responsibility.

6 November 2021

Update 1.0.4

Teachers can organize their personal tab with data about their website and social channels:
facebook, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, spotify, twitter.
They can also upload their own image.
All these data will be present in the page of access to individual lessons.

29 August 2021

Terms of Use

Terms of Use Update.

1 August 2021

virtual classroom 0.5.0

Increased the number of listeners that can attend lessons, bringing the new limit to 100 per lesson.
Update of the dynamic management of the access of active students, who can enter up to a maximum of 18 at the same time for each lesson.
Updated inspector for group lessons or lessons with auditors, which allows you to check which students/auditors are following the lesson.

6 July 2021

virtual classroom 0.4.0

New dynamic management of user participation in lessons and now being able to host up to 18 students simultaneously in each lesson.
New inspector for group lessons or with listeners, which allows you to check which students/audience are following the lesson.

8 June 2021

Guest listeners

Administrators, in addition to teachers and students, now can manage listeners.
Unlike students who can actively participate in classes with webcam, audio, and chat, auditors are invited to attend classes by being able to see and hear, but without being able to be invited to engage in discussion or share chat content.
The listeners can be both new users and students already enrolled in the course. 
In the latter case, all the students of a course can attend the lessons of their classmates.
Listeners access the lectures without having to be registered, receiving a direct link to the lecture via email or other channel convenient to administrations.
The cost per auditor is calculated net of the time spent in the virtual classroom.

1 June 2021

New pre-paid prices

From June 1st the new price list for prepaid credits for Music Conservatories, Music Schools, Institutions that organize summer courses and masterclasses is active.
The new credit packages start at a minimum of €50 and the minimum cost per hour for an individual lesson can be as low as €0.80.
The amounts of the packages that can be purchased are customizable (e.g. it is possible to purchase a package of €1180).

9 May 2021

Update 1.0.3

For private teachers, in its "credit" section, it is now possible to monitor not only remaining credit, but also for each lesson:
- the total cost of each lesson
- the first entry and the last exit from the classroom for each user who participated, even if only for 1 minute
- the total time that each user has spent in the classroom
- the duration of each take for any video recorded.
These data remain available for 6 months.

For the administrations of the institutions, the same data are available in the CREDIT -> use details section.

23 April 2021

Update 1.0.2

In the general calendar, lessons with more than one student present no longer show the list of participants.
These can be shown by pressing the appropriate button, to which a second button is added for sending simultaneous invitations to all participants with a single action.

19 April 2021

Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali "Vincenzo Bellini"

We are pleased to welcome today the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali "Vincenzo Bellini" Caltanissetta on uwMeeting.

16 March 2021

virtual classroom 0.3.1

In the control panel of the virtual classrooms there is a new option: full frame.
Full frame allows you to see exactly the whole shot of the guests, avoiding that portions of the video are not visible, forcing you to resize the browser window to overcome the problem.



Monteverdi Circle


Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg


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