19 April 2021

Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali "Vincenzo Bellini"

We are pleased to welcome today the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali "Vincenzo Bellini" Caltanissetta on uwMeeting.

16 March 2021

virtual classroom 0.3.1

In the control panel of the virtual classrooms there is a new option: full frame.
Full frame allows you to see exactly the whole shot of the guests, avoiding that portions of the video are not visible, forcing you to resize the browser window to overcome the problem.

15 March 2021

Update 1.0.1

Private teachers and teachers authorized by their institution may enter a title for each lesson.
This is useful when there is a need for additional indication in calendars.
For example, a lesson that multiple students are actively participating in, but has been scheduled for a particular student.

15 March 2021

TRT Philharmonic

We are pleased to welcome today the TRT Philharmonic to uwMeeting.

8 March 2021

International Music Competition "Città di Scandicci".

We are pleased to welcome today the International Music Competition "Città di Scandicci" to uwMeeting.
This contest will use the new modules for jury and candidate management.

27 February 2021

Fossano Music Foundation

We are pleased to welcome today the Fossano Music Foundation to uwMeeting.

24 February 2021

uwMeeting is on line

After 90 days from the beginning of its rewriting, uwMeeting is finally open to the public having completed the testing process.
The services for Conservatories, Academies, Music Schools and private teachers are available and can be activated.

There will be more news in the coming weeks.

A sincere thanks to all those who have supported and backed uwMeeting.

24 February 2021

Conservatory A. Vivaldi of Alessandria

We are pleased to welcome today the A. Vivaldi Conservatory of Alessandria to uwMeeting.

22 February 2021

Perosi Academy Foundation

We are pleased to welcome today the Perosi Academy Foundation to uwMeeting.

10 February 2021

Beta version 0.8

Counters and Credits
The panel allows you to monitor the available hours, the scheduled lesson hours and the lesson hours completed.
Having different costs, in each of these items the hours are broken down by:
- individual classroom
- collective classroom
- SD recording
- HD recording
- assistance

26 January 2021

Beta version 0.7

Session/Lesson Support
Administrators or secretaries can monitor the progress of classes and if necessary log in to give guidance.
Their presence is indicated with a special notice.

23 January 2021

Beta version 0.6

Video recording
Activate the functions for recording sessions in SD (720x480) and HD (1280x720) format, manual and automatic.

ics files
Changed the order of the labels that appear in the calendar when an event is saved.
Now the ics file can also be downloaded in the general calendar.

End session/lesson
When the host/teacher terminates a lesson all connected users are disconnected and the ongoing recordings are stopped.

Counter 1.2b
New counter taking into account the new pricing plan.
The following are now counted
- the minutes of connections of each user
- the actual time of a lesson (inspector)
- when they entered and left the session 

Screen sharing
Guests/students can now also share the screen

16 January 2021

Beta version 0.5

ICS files
The .ICS is a file format that is used and generated by various calendaring and email programmes, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar (a few years ago it was called iCal).
The .ics documents allow the user to share information about the scheduling of an event (when, what date and time it will take place, and any additional information).
It is now possible to download an ics file for each session/lesson that allows us to store the event with our favourite programme and schedule the alert.
The stored event will also contain the link to access the session/lesson directly.

At the end of a session/lesson, it is possible to find out how much time the host/teacher and guest/student actually spent together at the same time.
For example, during a session/lessione scheduled to start at 11:00 until 12:00, if the teacher logs in at 11:00 and the student at 11:04 and they remain in the room until the end, the actual time saved will be 56 minutes.
In this way we will have 2 pieces of data:
- the scheduled duration of a session/lesson
- the actual duration of a session/lesson

First version of the counter that allows you to count the actual use of the platform and determine the cost for each session/lesson.

10 January 2021

Beta version 0.4

Reorganisation of the user interface
Improved management of groups/classes/courses and guests/students, reducing the number of clicks to complete an action.
New contextualised labels for various topics (generic, teaching, competitions, concerts).

Alerts sending invitations to sessions/lectures
Icons that colour-code to indicate whether a session/lesson invitation
- is still to be sent
- has been sent and when it was last sent
- has been read by the guest/student and when it was read

10 January 2021

200 lezioni

With the cooperation of 24 teachers and 115 students, more than 200 lessons were carried out in this testing phase.

Thank you all for your help and patience.



Renzo Giubergia Prize


Virtuoso & Belcanto


Monteverdi Circle

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